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Remigio C. Asor
Keep your fingers crossed!

With 58 years behind us, we are now expected to exhibit some level of political maturity befitting our existence as an independent province.
But sadly, what have we got? Instead of working for unity and reconciliation, our "warring" leaders prefer to stick to their own partisan beliefs and principles rather than listen to the cries of their own people.

The Catandungan Festival 2003 celebrations marking the 58th Foundation Anniversary of the province of Catanduanes should have been an opportune time for our top leaders to sit down together and set aside politics for a while as others have done before them.

But no, the opposition would have none of it. By deliberately withholding financial and political support to the 3-day festivities, detractors of Governor Leandro B. Verceles Jr. had hoped to project the entire Catandungan Festival as a one-man show dedicated not to the glory of Catanduanes but to the glory of the man who runs it. The opposition, of course, would try to downplay - if not totally ignore - the great accomplishments of the Verceles leadership by staging their own counter event.
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At one time, Congressman Santiago even tried to siphon off the audience at the Capitol Dome by staging Aiza Seguerra's concert at the Virac Plaza as a counterpoit to the traditional TOCA Night and Ball.
Let's hope Congressman Santiago and his ilk will not steal the scene and the limelight this year by staging another "counter concert". Let's hope Santiago will not pull another cheap gimmick to steal the show from the TOCA awardees and other honorees on big night. Wish ko lang!

Gov. Jun Verceles these days is playing his cards close to his chest. Capitol insiders over the weekend have no way of knowing which direction the Verceles wind would blow in 2004.
Will he run for Congressman or will he stay and run for Governor?
What we are getting lately from the Governor himself are mixed signals as far as his political plans are concerned. Let's just cross our fingers in the face of rumors saying that the dominant trend is towards the so-called status quo. In Catandunganon parlance, this means the eventual merger between - hold your breath - the Verceles and Santiago camps under one ticket in 2004!
With no breath-taking political developments in the local scene, tabloid columnists these days have nothing to feast on these past few weeks. Kung palaging ganito ang mangyayari sa magkabilang kampo, mawawalan kami ng trabaho dito.

Even the rumor mills have mysteriously stopped spewing juicy stories on the so-called "Third Force". Is the so-called "Third Force" now dead or just playing possum? Is the Sanchez camp serious in renegotiating a possible merger with the Verceleses? Will Santiago and Verceles finally run for reelection as Congressman and Governor respectively under one coalition ticket? I promise, we'll have some answers to these questions next issue. Keep your fingers crossed.