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Larry S. Cayabyab
Divine intervention?

The long-time cherished dream of every Filipino to make this country great again is like a defective VCD player that makes static and irritating sound.
Last October 13, Sen. Ping Lacson delivered Part 3 of the much-awaited privilege speech against alleged corruption committed by the First Couple, PGMA and FGMA.

He made it clear before the live TV audiences nationwide that he has the 23 documented evidences to boost his allegations. Whether the said exposé is true or not, it nevertheless tainted with doubt the already waning public image of the President, especially at this point in time when she decided to run in 2003 in deference to her previous pronouncement.

And whether Lacson was telling lies and fabricated propaganda as averred by Mike Arroyo's camp, said exposé should now serve as wake up call.
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In 2004, we need a President who could run and unite the Filipinos to work as one. We need a President who is both dynamic and charismatic who could make a radical change and make an impact for global progress and competitiveness.

We need a President who could immediately initiate the total eradication of graft and corruption committed by high-ranking government men, elected or appointed (kahit sinong masagasaan), an all-out war against drug menace and to totally improve the living and economic conditions of indigent Filipinos, hindi puro publisidad at pa-pogi.We need a President who could put a stop to the existing "palakasan" system in the hiring of employees.

Regardless of party affiliation, the merit system, based on an applicant's credentials, should always prevail (Kahit dito sa Catanduanes may nangyayari ring palakasan).From the following presidentiables: PGMA, PIng, Danding, Roco, FPJ, Honasan, Noli, do we think one of them can do the herculean task?
I don't think so. I guess none of the above can do it.

From the time of Marcos to the present administration, we Filipinos have suffered so much because of the petty quarrels and political bickerings of the pros and antis. We've been inflicted with miseries and pains by too much graft and corruption committed in our midst. the glaring proof of this is that we are No. 3 in the list of the most corrupt countries in Asia and No. 11 in the world. For me, the ultimate solution is DI. We need Divine Intervention. Unless God exterminates humankind in this part of the world and replaces them with new ones, no change can be felt and seen. Kahit siguro sino'ng malagay at maupo sa puwesto bilang Presidente ng bansa, wala pa ring mangyayari. Our case is hopeless. Pag maraming buwaya sa paligid, marami ang mangongotong.