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Remigio C. Asor
Clinically dead

Where is our country going? with FPJ's candidacy now appearing to be unstoppable and the Davide impeachment case now certain to reach the Senate, anything could happen again to this country anytime from now. As the PGMA administration swings from one earth-shaking controversy to another, the public feels that the election fever has started to reach boiling point.
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REY D. LACURUM | Publisher/Editor
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Our own people are starting to ask: Harani na naman ang eleksiyon. Ano lamang ang naginibohan kan satuyang mga lideres digdi sa probinsiya?

Now is the time to look back to the respective performance of our top provincial and municipal officials, if only to determine who among these fellows still deserve the public's trust. In this respect, it is fair to ask whether the actual performance of Cong. Joseph Santiago during his first three years in office has made any impact on his constituents.

In the same manner, it is only fair to rate the actual performance of incumbent Governor Jun Verceles (including his adversaries at the SP headed by Vice-Gov. Cesar Sarmiento) if we are to arrive at a logical idea of the present crop of politicians reigning in our benighted province. To be blunt about it, there is nothing about Cong. Santiago's alleged performance that entitles him to deserve another time. Hain na so mga ipinangako kaini sa sato? Hain na so mga public school buildings? Hain na so mga concreting? Hain na so mga livelihood projects? Hain na so mga baratong bolong? Hain na so pig-aapod niyang tunay na pagsierbe sa Inang Catandungan?

Where, in other words, have these lofty promises gone during the first three years of his power and influence as Representative of the Lone District of Catanduanes? What Catandunganons would remember as Cong. Santiago's legacy to the province were his relentless effort to subvert and destabilize the Verceles administration through his running dogs in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Through Vice-Gov. Sarmiento, Cong. Santiago succeeded in depriving the province of the most vital and urgently-needed solution to the long-term power crisis way back in 2001.

In fact, it was the Santiago camp who conspired and resurrected the most vindictive and counter-productive style of trapo-politics the province has ever seen: the recall move against the incumbent governor!

Meanwhile, what has Cong. Santiago done to improve the lot of his suffering constituents? Virtually nothing!
In fact, most, if not all, of the concrete road projects now credited to his name all over the province were in truth merely realigned projects originally initiated by Gov. Jun Verceles during his last term as Congressman.
Cong. Santiago, together with his cohorts in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, will have a hard time explaining to the electorates their mediocre performance in public office. As for Gov. Verceles, his unassailable track record as public servant can speak for itself. If a question boils down to who among our leaders deserve another term, Catandunganons would still go for Verceles instead of Santiago.

Now that the much-vaunted Third Force of alleged billionaire Cenon Traballo has been written off by respectable local organizers as "clinically dead" - the ball is back to square one, as far as this corner is concerned.